#Texas Fan: #MichaelBolton The Soul of It All.

Hello Friends,

Today, I read the book, The Soul of It All, in its entirety about the legendary entertainer, Michael Bolton which totaled about eight hours of reading. Although, I’m a latecomer as far as fans go, I remember his soulful energy videos from VH1 plus I’ve been catching up mainly information on Twitter. Grateful that I read this book because I learned a lot which makes me appreciate Mr. Bolton’s life and music so much more.

The book written in the first person reminds me of the all important conversation when you meet someone new after you both realize that there’s a connection between the two of you. It’s the hundreds of hours of sharing with that person who’s going to learn everything about you which is risky in revealing your true self. My impression was from Mr. Bolton that this who I am, this is my life no holds bar so you have the choice to accept me or not for who I truly am.

In my opinion, it was amazing to me on how many people Mr. Bolton acknowledged in his book. It said a lot to me about his integrity and his humbleness as a man who acknowledges all those who helped along the way.

Trust. Mr. Bolton mentioned in his book that his trust in people was altered after he went through intense litigation for his hit maker, Love is A Wonderful Thing, which made him more guarded in trusting others. It’s horrible of what happened and unfair. Actually, I can relate and, likely, trust less than he does which mine has nothing to do with legal issues. 

Bluntness and honesty. I appreciated the stories which he told about his success and failures with the cursing that showed raw emotion. Rather have real with some swearing than fake with false or deceptive behavior. Kissing my ass was one of the best lines in the whole book, just saying.

Detroit. Was impressed that Mr. Bolton opened up for Bob Seger on tour which was new information to me. I remember growing up in Detroit and seeing Mr. Seger sitting out in left field at the Tiger games at the old stadium at Michigan & Trumbull with a bunch of guys who also liked sitting in the cheap seats. I believe that some of Bob Seger’s songs came from talking to these men. (Uncle) Ted Nugent is who I became more familiar with since he bought lots of land for hunting in northern Michigan near a family member’s old house. Motown is the music which I came into this world by like many of my friends as a unspoken truth. Motown is the only music I was aware of until my family moved out of the metro Detroit area. 

Loner. Yes, I am a loner too which is easier to be but, in my opinion, not better. Like me, Mr. Bolton hopes for a relationship that lasts so he can go first to jump into it so wish him all the best. When the person who comes into your life who you know in your heart and soul that he/she is the one, you’ll realize that you can’t imagine life without him/her so you’ll do everything possible to make sure that person stays in your life.

Passion/Dreams. Imagine knowing your calling at a very young age with an older sibling who was your mentor. Imagine having the support and encouragement from parents who believed in your gift. Imagine if dreaming of being a rock star which your passion fuels your heart to take action to seek your goals. You’re blessed, Mr. Bolton, because I was told by my competitive choir instructor in junior high that I had a voice to go far professionally but not the support so my dream ended before it began.

Kiss and Tell. Mr. Bolton. You have my admiration of telling about the important relationships in your life although reading it, I felt like I was invading your privacy. Because of celebrity status, its good for you to tell your story instead of the tabloids messing it up. Fortunately, I’m not in your status so I don’t kiss and tell which has afforded me to maintain respect of the men who I was involved with and the relationships I had with them.

In closing, if you haven’t read, The Soul of It All, buy the book immediately and get immersed in a story of one of the greatest entertainers ever.




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