#Texas Soul: #LearningExperience. Marriage and Divorce 

Dear Friends,

Today, if I was still married, it would have been thirty years with now my ex-husband Scott.

In the beginning of the relationship, our lives were great because we were on the same team but later on, we led separate lives. During and after my divorce, I had learned that he had a girlfriend who dated him during the time that we actually got married and many more relationships throughout our marriage. Years later, a trusted confidant told me that he regretted the way that he treated me and wished that he could have a do over.

This day is significant because it represents a time when I had to grow up and deal with issues that I never had before including the wedding and the divorce. There were never any hard feelings on my side when it ended, only sadness that we couldn’t get it together.

My true test of love came during our divorce because many of his coworkers came into my employment to give me a piece of their minds about it. Because I was at work and understood their anger, I worked hard to only respond with love and kindness to his colleagues regarding my soon to be ex-husband. It was challenging at times but it made me stronger that I didn’t slip to their level. 

To my best knowledge, he’s on wife #4 so I wish him peace and happiness always even though it can’t be with me.




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