#Texas Work: The Drama of Liability 

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago, I shared with you that I fainted at my first day of work at a new job. Eight days later,in the exact workspace, I suffered extreme heat exhaustion which it was determined best for me to go home early plus I took the following day off to recover.

After email conversations with the CEO of the company, I was asked to attend a meeting tonight at my job site regarding my communication with corporate at Human Resources.  They consistently stated to me that the company will not take action regarding my request to be moved to a safer workspace unless I go through the accommodations process. A friend who works in law stated that the company is liable for my fainting and continued heat exhaustion without me having to go through the accommodations process. The meeting ended in deadlock because the company refuses to do what is right and take the initiative for my safety. Per company personnel, I was told that people faint at the job site regularly which one is too many.

Finally, I did send communication to the CEO and corporate HR regarding the meeting plus I put in a inquiry to an attorney for possible litigation. My goal is to be productive member of society and earn a living without worry of any health problems. I’m not giving up to push change for the company otherwise I plan to seek legal counsel for results. 




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